Solving the jigsaw puzzle of wellbeing

The first question I’m often asked is “How many treatments will I need?”  It’s a realistic one when consulting any practitioner. A rough rule of thumb is that for every year a complaint/symptom has been around, one month of treatment is likely to be needed.

Of course this varies considerably, depending on your age, constitution, genetics, ability to stick to recommendations, background health history, aim of treatment etc.

Often it takes a few of sessions for me to get to know you, your specific needs and your subtle health issues. This then influences me in prescribing particular treatments.

Holistic treatment is a two way process, as it also takes time for you to understand my approach and what you need to know in order to look after your health. We’re conducting a mutual exploration of possibilities – in  thinking and doing – to help resolve your symptoms and treat their underlying causes.

The different systems within your body influence each other.  Treating your nervous system will inevitably assist your immune system. Treating a mineral deficiency will help your hormone cycles. Managing your sleep better will help your emotional wellbeing. We are all jigsaws with immense potential for positive change.

The longer you’ve had a symptom, the deeper we may need to delve, so the real answer is “As long as we need to get you truly well.”

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