Pain Management

For a lot of people struggling with severe and chronic pain, if there isn’t a widely accepted treatment that their GP can write a prescription for, then they often get told ‘sorry – I can’t help’ or ‘stick with the paracetamol’ or ‘next is surgery’.

There’s a LOT that can be done to manage pain, including:

  • Shifting default lifestyle patterns
  • Managing your stress levels
  • Using proven supplements
  • Applying centuries of herbal medicine knowledge

My approach to managing acute and chronic pain

As a qualified Naturopath and Remedial Massage Therapist I see a lot of patients with pain issues. People come to me out of frustration – and even despair.

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If you need help with managing acute and chronic pain, then get in touch today through my CONTACT page.

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General advice from my blog on pain management

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CHRONIC PAIN Part 1: I’m regularly in pain – but my GP just says “You’re getting old – there’s nothing to fix that” or “you’re on the highest dose of medication your body can handle’

Chronic pain is debilitating, especially when you feel like you’ve got to the end of the line. But wait, there’s more help available

Manage your migraine and headache pain with fewer painkillers

Manage your migraine and headache pain with fewer painkillers

Natural and complementary therapies can be useful alternatives for both treating pain and for preventing migraine, tension-type headaches and headache pain. Headache disorders are common – nearly 2/3rds of adults are affected by repeated patterns of tension-type headaches. 2% of adults are victims of chronic migraine. Migraines severely disrupt the lives of sufferers and are…


Pain management through massage

Research on chronic pain has shown that massage can be as useful for pain  management as paracetamol and Nurofen (and you don’t have to worry about constipation and other side effects). I’m running a 1/2 day Massage for Couples workshop on the afternoon of Sunday February 16th, 2020.   Come along and you can learn…