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Jen's Moist 5

1. Jen’s Skin Magik

Nature’s synergy at her best.

Engage all your senses with this calming, uplifting & soothing skin care product.

Enjoy the healing & nourishing plants carefully chosen to enhance your mood as well as your skin.

  Oils: calendula, lavender, bergamot, rose geranium

Product details

‘a small dab calms me each night before sleep’

satisfied customer Gail
Aussie moist 2

2. Aussie Skin Magik

Heal your skin and lift your spirits with a gentle yet robust skin care product you can use every day.

Oils: macadamia, rosehip, blue gum, kunzea, lemon myrtle, buddha wood

with Aussie flower essences: waratah, sunshine wattle, black-eyed susan

Product details

‘Brilliant as an aftershave cream, gets me ready for the day’