Health Help

I can help you with a range of issues if conventional medicine isn’t working for you – or if you want to minimise the medications you’re taking.

I treat the whole person, not just a specific health “problem”. I believe that humans are organic beings, not machines that break down. As organic systems, it’s been my experience that there’s a lot we can do to improve the system – integrated, holistic solutions that minimise the need to medicate “problems”.

So while people come to me for “problems” ranging from chronic and acute pain to blood pressure, I explore more widely for solutions with the goal of maximising their wellbeing and minimising their medications – not just reducing their symptoms.

Key health problems I work with include:

How else can I help you optimise your well being?

I work with a whole range of tricky health issues – including those below.

Here are some of my articles on different health challenges faced by my patients.


Here are some of blog posts about managing asthma:

Soluble fibre for asthma (Posted March 2017) Research from Newcastle Uni NSW on asthma, gut health and inflammation

Blood Pressure

Here are some blog posts about blood pressure and hypertension:

Hypertension research review (Posted December 2013) New information on when medication is necessary.


Here are some blog posts about bronchitis:

Beware the overuse of antibiotics in treating bronchitis. (Posted February 2016)


Here are some blog posts about managing/preventing dementia:

5 easy ways to minimise dementia in over 70s. (Posted April 2017)

Food Sensitivities

Here are some blog posts about food sensitivities including:

Talk about having a gut full – Nexium for children? (Posted February 2015).  Understanding food sensitivities.

Gut Health

Here are some blog posts on gut health including:

Get more of the good bugs (Posted November 2014) Suggestions for improving gut health (and your health) naturally.

Talk about having a gut full – Nexium for children? (Posted February 2015).  Strategies for managing reflux.


Here are some blog posts with advice and ideas around menopause:

Menopausal madness??  (Posted October 2014)  on diet, stress management and hidden risks.

Women’s Health

Here are some blog posts on women’s health issues including:

Women, ageing and the contraceptive pill (Posted November 2015) Unexpected developing side effects of “the pill”.