5 ways to reduce your dementia risk

Some simple, cheap activities may be all you need to substantially reduce your dementia risk.

A large study by the Mayo Clinic in the USA has shown that you don’t need to spend lots of money on expensive brain training programs to get a good result. They followed 2,000 people over 70 for 4 years and found that five simple things will keep your grey cells healthy.

In an interview on Radio National’s Health report recently, one of the researchers explained that, even if you (or a loved one) have some Mild Cognitive Impairment, there’s a lot you can do to stop things getting worse.

Use it or lose it – for your brain

  1. Use a computer regularly – even just for simple things like email and social media.
  2.  Keep crafty – use your hands and your creativity to help those brain connections
  3. Reading books
  4. Playing games – just simple board games
  5. Social activities

Of course, the basics of good food and reasonable exercise also apply – but brain health is about other things as well.


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