Diabetes is a major health issue in our industrialised society. Naturopathic and complementary health approaches can:

  • Help those currently pre-diabetic avoid transitioning to being diabetic.
  • Help those who are diabetic improve their heath and wellbeing and reduce their need for medication.

My approach

I see being diabetic – or pre-diabetic – as a systems challenge – not a personal failing. Our western industrial lifestyle with it’s avalanche of processed food and increasingly sedentary work and entertainment are a recipe for ill-health, obesity and diabetes.

I treat you as an individual – and also help you see the health traps of the systems you’re part of.

To get in before Diabetes Type 2 takes hold is the key to prevent damage to your organs. I screen people to check out those underlying indicators that point to the inevitable track to Diabetes. Then we can stop you in your tracks! and reroute your course with a suitable lifestyle/supplement ‘GPS’ we will design together to work WITH you.

Some of these indicators may be:

1. blood tests from your GP like a combo of HbA1C (measures your blood sugar management over the previous 3 months), Lipid profile (cholesterols etc), kidney and liver function tests, vitamins like Active Vit B12, Vit D, minerals like magnesium and calcium, thyroid function, the amount of protein you absorb and the level of inflammation/acidity/stress in your body and mind. Yes, these can all be discerned from the general blood test you do every one to 2 years at your GP (on Medicare which your taxes pay for). There are lots of other blood tests which may incur a cost if we need to gain more information.

2. other clinical information like your height and weight and waist circumference; blood pressure; eating habits, sleep habits

With all this information (especially over a couple of years to notice trends) I am in a better position to determine if you are in the pre-diabetic’ stage, otherwise known as ‘Metabolic Syndrome’ or ‘Syndrome X’. A syndrome means a collection of symptoms and signs that correlate with a disease process. This a great time to intervene and turn the ship around slowly and surely. Protecting your organs and tissues in this way will give you a better chance of feeling better for longer.

If you already have a diagnosis of Diabetes (of any sort), I can still help you to manage this in the best ways possible. We can work together to ensure that your medication is working well for you and add supplements and herbs to enhance the process. Lifestyle measures go a long way to help protect your organs and tissues. Good sleep, exercise, stress management, emotional support, community/social participation and mindful eating all enhance your well being. Specific supplements and herbal medicines have been shown to improve liver and kidney function (which can deteriorate as a result of Diabetes) as well as support the critical tiny blood vessels in the eye to help prevent blindness.

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Leading articles and research

A systematic review 2022 from the National Institutes of Health USA of effective herbal medicines for blood sugar management.

Prevention of Diabetes with Lifestyle approaches is of course the best way to go – see general Naturopathic advice from a Lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Therapies.