Nutritional Medicine

The food we eat and the way we eat it has a massive influence on the way we feel and function in the world that is easily overlooked in our busy lives. Understanding how to eat well can make a big difference to being well.

Nutritional supplements often form part of my treatment also, depending on the individual person and their needs.

I can help you determine the best approach for you.  Read more on my Nutritional Medicine approach.

Herbal Medicine

The tradition of Herbal Medicine is based on observation and experience handed down through the generations. This is now complemented and confirmed by an enormous body of scientific scrutiny which assists practitioners in applying remedies in the safest, most efficacious manner.

I bring extensive knowledge to delivering best practice in Herbal Medicine.  Read more on my Herbal Medicine approach. 


Tension and stress held in the body is sometimes best addressed by working with the body.  I work with the following massage modalities to deliver better health:

  • Foot Reflexology to invigorate the system and relieve stress through pressure point activation.
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage  to improve detoxification through gentle, slow massage
  • Remedial Massage to relax muscles and treat injury through deep tissue massage.

Explore the benefits of my Massage Treatments.

Other Treatments

  • ENAR Treatment to help relieve pain and increase endorphins.
  • Ear Candling to help relieve sinus problems, tinnitus and related problems.
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) a meridian-based tapping process to assist with physical and emotional issues.

Explore my other treatment modalities in more detail.