Jen’s Polytreats

Jen’s    POLYTREATS    (Naturopathic answer to the ‘polypill’)

½ cup  cocoa
1 cup  roasted dessicated coconut
1 cup  LSA (linseed, sunflower, almond)
¼ cup  oat bran
¼ cup  dates
2 dst  ABC Paste (almond, brazil nut, cashew)
1 dst maple syrup
¼ cup goji berries soaked for at least 15mins in ¼ cup Stone’s Green Ginger Wine or water
2 tsp  cinnamon powder
2 tsp  ginger powder
1 tsp  cardamom powder
¼ tsp  clove powder
splash  olive oil

Divide into several amounts then add about 10 drops essential oil (best quality) of peppermint, mandarin or vanilla essence in separate lots.

Combine all ingredients then roll into tiny to small balls (these freeze brilliantly). You may like to roll them in a little coconut or sesame seed for the finale!