Dandelion Coffee/Chai

1 tsp – 1 dsp roasted dandelion root per cup

spices: according to taste, use cinnamon (ground or pieces), ginger (powder or fresh), cardamon (powder or pods/seeds), star anise (powder or whole).

method: place all in a coffee plunger and infuse for 5-8mins with boiled water; add a little honey/stevia etc and any type of milk if required. Tastes great just black also but may be too bitter for the uninitiated! A wonderful liver tonic, especially for excess heat and irritability.

To extract the maximum from the root and spices, place all ingredients and water in a pot, bring to the boil and simmer for 5-10 mins. This mix can be kept in the fridge and water added and reused until the colour and taste becomes too pale. Great as a cold drink in summer too.

The Dandelion root can be used in an espresso machine also.

Organically Australian grown roast Dandelion root can be purchased here at the clinic.