Women’s Health

Women’s bodies are complicated – with a whole raft of unique physiology. For example, women have been excluded from many clinical trials of drug effectiveness, because their biological variances would complicate the trial process.

In particular, the processes of menopause and perimenopause are still not well understood in the general population – who think that menopause is about hot flushes in your 60s, not depression and insomnia in your 40s.

Like any other area, our diets, family and working and environments have a big role to play in how well our bodies function, as well as the thoughts we think, emotions we feel and our past life experiences.

My approach

Women’s bodies are complex – so a whole-person approach is essential. Many so called “emotional” issues aren’t just in your mind – they can be associated with hormone balance, your nervous system and stress level, your feelings of self worth, your ability to ask for what you need, your financial circumstances and intergenerational stressors like mental heath issues in the family or heritable diseases or conditions.

I treat you as an individual – and aim to understand your whole body.

General advice from my blog

Here are some blog posts with advice and ideas around women’s health and menopause:

Perimenopause may happen earlier than you think: the ‘swinging’ hormones at it again! (Posted January 2024) Depression or insomnia in your 40s might be undiagnosed perimenopause, not stress!

Women, ageing and the contraceptive pill (Posted November 2015) Unexpected developing side effects of “the pill”.

Menopausal madness??  (Posted October 2014)  on diet, stress management and hidden risks.

Leading articles and research

Jean Hailes Foundation is a leading Women’s Health research, education and clinical Centre in Melbourne.

Other publications I respect on Women’s Health with a wholistic perspective include:

Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle by Ruth Trickey (mainly for practitioners) plus her other more user friendly books for the lay person written with Kaz Cooke the comedian

Clinical Naturopathic Medicine by Leah Hechtman

Hormone Repair Manual by Lara Briden

Strong Women Stay Young by Miriam Nelson