Dispensary & Products for sale

Practitioner Only

I recommend only quality assured products.

I have researched these over the years and deliberately choose quality products to dispense or recommend.

As an example, I source the best quality Fish Oils with lowest environmental impact and lowest pollutant contamination like heavy metals and plastics. The high dosage oil I recommend means you can swallow fewer capsules to attain the desired effect of the product.

At your first consultation I will dispense a quality appropriate liquid herbal medicine (or other if required). All other supplements recommended can be purchased online via the companies I have confidence in. I arrange this via a script sent through to your email. If this is difficult for you please discuss with me for alternative arrangements.

Safety First

COVID first aid kit
A wide range of quality herbal remedies

These concentrated effective products like the liquid herbal extracts or tablets with high doses of minerals and other therapeutic agents need to be dispensed as part of a Naturopathic Consultation. This is to ensure safe and effective prescriptions for you.

I am guided by clinical research to help me decide the best dosage for you and your health issue. For instance, I’d recommend a different amount of Omega 3 Fish oils for someone with arthritis versus someone with heart issues. I take into account the medications you are on so we avoid creating adverse effects of mixing supplements and medications.

Other medicines that usually require a consultation include: Homoeopathics, Bach Flowers and Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Over the Counter Products

Jen's Moist 4
My own selection of clinic-made natural skin care products

To assist in your quest for health I stock other items for sale like Sugar substitutes (stevia, xylitol mints), Herbal Throat spray, locally grown organic Herbal teas, Clinic crafted Moisturisers and Healing Creams. These do not require a Consultation to be dispensed.

More specific creams for particular conditions like diagnosed eczema, psoriasis, rosacea etc require at least a short consultation over the phone to start.