Nutritional Medicine

The food we eat and the way we eat it has a massive influence on the way we feel and function in the world. I can help you determine the best approach for you. There are so many approaches and philosophies to eating that are so closely knit with our upbringing, our emotions, our point of view etc. There are numerous ways of testing for food compatibility like the more overt Coeliac antibodies to the more subtle IgG antibodies for food intolerance. These can be guides.

Over the years I have noted that many people have a distinct intuition about what foods work for them. I encourage this insight and also use numerous signs and symptoms to illuminate nutritional deficiencies. For instance, cracked lips may point to deficiency of vitamin B2 or B3. This may be due to low intake of foods rich in these nutrients or poor ability to absorb.

Food as enjoyment and pleasure is intimately bound to our experience of life. With insight and committment we can adjust our palate and desires such that we can more easily make healthier choices each day. Feeling ‘nurtured’ by our foods can support us in assimilating life itself.

Nutritional supplements often form part of my treatment also, depending on the individual person. Generally I do advise a quality Mutivitamin/mineral with appropriate doses of B vitamins, zinc, iodine and selenium. I tend to agree with the argument that we need this as insurance as a minimum given our exposure to pollution, stress, medications, foods lacking nutrient levels.