Healthy Eating Resources

What does healthy eating look like?

A healthy diet is one where you eat whole foods DAILY: fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, dairy products, ‘good’ oils, eggs, cereals, legumes, nuts, herbs and teas.

The easiest for most Australians of western cultural heritage to follow is often the Mediterranean-style diet that so many health studies have proven beneficial.

Healthy eating is ALL about variety. This means eating 30-40 different foods every week. (Yes, really! Carrots are great – but not JUST carrots). Even one teaspoon of thyme from your garden constitutes ‘a different’ food. Do a food diary for a week and notice how many different foods you eat. Then try a new vegetable that you’ve seen at the market (and maybe have no idea of the name) and experiment with a recipe.

Eat fresh food, mostly plants – not too much…

Michael Pollan in his best-selling book IN DEFENCE OF FOOD

What healthy eating DOESN’T look like…

Lots of take away food – because every meal you buy is likely produced for “least possible cost”.

Lots of super-processed “convenience” foods filled with preservatives, salt and sweeteners.

My thoughts on healthy eating

Here’s a selection of posts I’ve done on healthy eating:

“Yes it’s plant-based – but is it GOOD?” (April 2023) Why super-processed “plant-based protein” isn’t all that good – either for you OR for the planet.

Meeting the ‘more vegetables’ challenge” (February 2023) Practical strategies and tips for turning your resolution into new behaviour.

How to maximise your memory AND your family’s health” (February 2023) Prompted by a research update on links between diet, health and memory decline.

House-made muesli: just add hot water for porridge” (April 2020) A quick and easy muesli – without the sugar of store-bought products.

Eat your way to global cooling” (May 2017) The benefits that a healthy, veggie-rich diet to the planet AND your body”.

Links on healthy eating

Walnuts Linked to Improved Attention, Psychological Maturity in Teens (April 2023) The amazing difference that three handfuls of walnuts a week can make to teenagers

Red Meat is Not Harmful When Consumed As Part of a Healthy & Balanced Diet (April 2023) Research paper investigating whether red meat deserves it’s bad reputation, including the note that “the relationship between red and processed meat consumption and disease is not causal when meat is part of a healthy and balanced diet.