Healthy Living Resources

There’s a lot of new knowledge today about healthy living.

Some of it confirms things we’ve known for thousands of years – like getting enough sleep and eating well (see my separate page on Healthy Eating)

Some of what we’re finding out is the absolute opposite of what “everybody knows” – about exercise, about food, about industrial medications.

So here are some resources you might find useful…

Here are some of my key Healthy Living articles

Convalescence – a natural path to healing (December 2022) How COVID reframed our thinking on recovery as a process.

What Magda’s big health check found about depression (November 2022) What Magda Szubanski learned about the structural issues in today’s society that are making more of us sick than ever before.

Is there a drug to cure all, you ask, to kill those cancer cells and viruses? And improve your brain capacity as you age? Yep, exercise is it (October 2021)

Here are links to some of the latest research findings

Every step counts (Jan 2024). You don’t have to aim for 10,000. Start with one and add on for well being results.

Short Bursts of Activity May Cut Your Cancer Risk (July 2023) So exercising hard for hours may not deliver the health rewards you expected.