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Is there a drug to cure all, you ask, to kill those cancer cells and viruses? And improve your brain capacity as you age? Yep, exercise is it

I couldn’t believe my ears this morning when my partner suggested we might go for a walk this afternoon!

He said he actually took notice of the first episode of ABC TV ‘s series How to Live Younger.

Yep, a walk a day EVERY day makes a difference (in a study over 30 years). I think it was the ‘bubble bath in our brain’ of good chemicals that fired him up!

Exercise is even an effective cancer treatment.

Just 10 years ago, doctors thought it was best to rest during and after chemotherapy and radiation. Not any more. Today, exercise clinics are being set up in cancer hospitals. These very different recommendations are being adopted worldwide because of a WA study – explained beautifully in How To Live Younger.

We are made to move

Movement is vital – at an optimal level. Do too little and when you do move you’ll feel sore. Over do it and you’ll feel sore. But do some every day!

Exercise can exorcise lockdown languish

In a recent webinar with NIIM on women’s health, Dr Carolyn Bosak, reported that as many as 1 in 3 women have reduced their overall exercise during this last year.

As much as we can sympathise with the COVID “collapse and languish” response, it’s important to know that when you harness the power of a good walk or bike ride – you’ll benefit enormously.

I love how Dr Bosak reframes the current use of words for our advantage:

  • Restrictions: how we can restrict our couch sitting and screen staring;
  • Variants: how many different types of movement can you experience;
  • Superspreader: who can you spread the encouragement and joy to;
  • Herd Immunity: how we can all get moving;
  • New normal: we’re all being active and loving it

Take an exercise dose every day

See what can you do for most days.

Alternate: outside, intense and easy, with variety and adaptability (weather, family circumstance, abilities, energy level etc)

Use technology to help you – there’s now a wide range of Apps, DVDs (if you still own a player) and online programs available to suits your needs. Try everything – from Yoga to Feldenkrais, Pilates to HIIT (High intensity Interval Training), Dance to Table Tennis, there’s always a way.

This is a form of health care

See your doctor or alternative health practitioner for advice on how to restart – ESPECIALLY if you’ve been couch-bound for too long.

Resources for getting started

I like Adam Grant’s 3M approach for motivation and to reduce languish/ennui. He suggests that you find a way to (the 3 M’s)

  1. aim to gain Mastery
  2. connect to something that Matters
  3. act with with Mindfulness to be present- focused.

Get your 8c / day from the ABC

The ABC TV program How to Live Younger is on iView, so you can watch the full series.

Radio National’s ‘Sporty‘ program is great for all things movement – and on all good podcast apps.

Check out my HIIT resources

This blog post from last year has some great ideas for doing “intense” – without the boring.

My Movement for Health program

If you’re struggling – maybe you are trying to hard to do it all yourself? Humans succeed in groups – we’re really not “self-sufficient individuals”.

I offer Movement for Health – a program over 5 sessions to help you clarify and organise yourself to make it more possible to maintain a satisfying, rewarding routine of movement


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