These are some of the local and other musicians I like to use in supporting my classes and clinic:

Justin Hunter: all instrumental piano “Piano Cities” and other

Margrit Gheorghiu and Megan Kenny: “Autumn Leaves”- harp and flute

Michael Johnson: various harp and flute:

Cary Lewincamp: various acoustic guitar:

Peter Roberts: harp:

Sting: ” Songs from the Labyrinth”; “If on a Winters Night”

The Mystery of Santo Domingo de Silos: Gregorian Chant from Spain

Enya: various

Ottmar Leibert & Luna Negra: “Opium” (CD2 is more quiet nuevo flamenco)

La Chambre du Rois (The Bedroom of the King): Elysium Ensemble (Classical baroque)

George Winston: “December” (piano)