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What Magda’s big health check found about depression

I’ve been enjoying the 3-part ABC series Magda’s Big National Health Check – where actor Magda Szubanski takes us along on her personal health journey – and what she learned about the structural issues in today’s society that are making more of us sick than ever before.

The third episode of this series included some really useful insights on the connection between gut health, diet, weight gain, physical health and emotional wellbeing.

It’s fascinating stuff – and delivered with authenticity (and the occasional appearance of Sharon – Magda’s lovable character from Australia’s favourite classic TV show Kath and Kim).

The gut microbiome has been increasingly studied in the last 10 years – and some of the latest evidence-based findings were included.

You can catch up with the series on ABC iView – but in the mean time here are some things that are so new that most of today’s doctors were never taught them in their studies:

  • The quality of our diet is linked to our risk of depression. There is mounting evidence that a plant-rich diet full of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, good oils and fermented foods creates conditions where healthy bacterial thrive in your gut. (And is also good for the planet.)
  • Magda’s microbiome lacked a wide range of good bacteria AND had too many microbes known to be pro-inflammatory (linked to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease). She also lacked a good quantity of the bacteria that would keep her gut lining healthy.
  • Research has now confirmed in detail that the health of your gut microbiome is linked to your diet – and it can be improved quickly (within weeks) by modifying your diet.
  • Research also recognises that changing how you eat over the long term is a major undertaking, and that support from expert practitioners can be critical in achieving a healthier gut (and a healthier, happier you).

So if you’re finding that your health and wellbeing aren’t what you want them to be, take a good look at your diet.

(One of the things we now know about COVID is that it attacks the gut as well as the respiratory system – especially for Long COVID sufferers.)

Information on what specifically to change is invaluable – and the Microba Insight™ test featured in the program is one that I work with – so if you need information and guidance then this may be a health investment worth making.

As a qualified Naturopath, I can arrange testing and a follow up consultation if you’d like to check how well your microbiome is functioning.

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