Eat your way to global cooling

A good friend of mine is a bit of a sustainability nut.  This week she introduced me to Project Drawdown – the first comprehensive plan researched for reversing global warming. The research results are “fresh off the press” (April 18th, 2017) and list the top 100 best strategies for turning climate change around.

It’s been increasingly proven that plant-rich, high fibre diets are a major contributor to human health and well-being.  Michael Pollan makes it simple: “Eat food. Not too much.  Mostly plants.”

What fascinated me was that Number 4 in the top 100 was eating a “plant rich diet”. The Drawdown research confirmed the thinking of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, who is quoted as saying “making the transition to a plant-based diet may well be the most effective way an individual can stop climate change”.

Of course, once you’ve enriched the plant component of your diet, you might like to dip further into Drawdown for one of the other 99 ways to make a difference that communities can engage in.



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