Maximise your immune system defenses


What to do?

Physical distancing and Sanitising are the MOST IMPORTANT strategies in minimizing our exposure to COVID19. Apart from avoidance we can improve our immune system response to any viral/bacterial/fungal exposure by considering the following:

Even if you’re not sick yet, then Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc – NOW – in appropriate doses will protect you. For generally well folk who have no specific illness/disease and who do not take any medications a basic regime may be: Vit C combination with Bioflavonoids (to enhance absorption) 1000mg per day; Vit D 2,000IU per day (depending on Blood tests results and sunshine exposure); Zinc as a chelate or citrate 30mg per day.

These all help to improve the way your immune systems functions indirectly by reducing inflammation, improving blood flow etc and directly by reducing viral replication and viral adherence to your body cells.

There are various forms available to make is easier to comply. For instance I take a powdered form of a combo of Vit Cs, spray of Vit D and tablet Zinc.

There are numerous herbal medicines that have been shown to be powerful immune modulators, antimicrobials and immune supports. Some of these include: Echinacea (especially E. angustifolia root), Andrographis, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Astragalus root, Licorice root, Medicinal Mushrooms, Garlic, Ginger, Green tea, Golden seal, Cinnamon, St John’s wort, Thuja, Cat’s claw, Elderberry, lemon myrtle etc.

Below you can see the range of supplements I take most days and have been for quite a while. Of course I implement a range of lifestyle practices as my mainstay.


It is important to buy products from reputable sources. This is so you get best quality and assurance that you have the genuine product. There are many lower cost substitutes on the market which can be 1. a danger to your health 2. a waste of your money and 3. not reliable to support your health.

This can especially apply to products bought online as there may easily be non deliberate contamination in sourcing and production as well as deliberate substitution. The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has a pretty good reputation world wide for applying strict adherence to safe guidelines in manufacturing here. Best to talk with a Practitioner.

What else to do?

Lifestyle measures are vital for immune support. All our amazing body/mind systems are intertwined effecting each other. About 30 years ago a phrase was coined “psychoneuroimmunology’ and updated with ‘psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology’.  Basically what we do and think effects our whole being.

So: (in no particular order of importance)

  1. manage stress and anxiety – a big one at the moment for most of us. Discuss the issues with family, friends, Practitioners – we are there to help. Lots of online free services too. Meditation Apps etc.

Use herbs like Kava, Passionflower, Lemon Verbena, Valerian, Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng, Rehmannia, Oatseed, Chamomile, Lavender etc.

Nutrients in foods and possibly supplements are vital – magnesium, calcium, selenium; appropriate levels of protein, carbohydrate and fats to calm and strengthen your nervous system. Processes like ‘Tapping’ or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tension/Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), Yoga, Tai Chi, QiGong etc can be very effective tools.

2.  eat well

  •  lots of green, leafy bitter (promotes digestion to work well) vegetables; fresh unprocessed food; avoid sugar; minimise alcohol (sorry – but it IS a liver TOXIN); stick to dark chocolate. Aim for a RAINBOW of colours on your plate! That way you get all the beautiful phytonutrients for wellbeing. All nutrients are important for your immune functions including Vit A (high in cod liver oil), selenium (high in brazil nuts), Vit E etc. Green tea regularly is recommended and lots of warm nourishing liquids like broths and soups.
  • Manage the subtle (or overwhelming) temptation of accessible food. Being stuck at home, you’ll need to put attention on your intake.  So now is the time to explore an intermittent fasting discipline such as the 5:2 diet, intermittent fasting or a similar practice.
  • Consider whether you could increase the fermented foods in your diet to boost your microbiome.
  • For liver protection, herbs like St Mary’s Thistle and Dandelion and spices like ginger, garlic and turmeric work well
  • It may be that a specific probiotic or prebiotic could boost your body’s wellbeing.  Talk to your Naturopath (most are now consulting online)

Your gut is a powerful part of your immune system protection – give it all the support you can.

3. Move – find ways to do this at home in fun ways like skipping or strength training with all those cans of quarantined food. Helps discharge the stress hormones as well as all the other known benefits. One of my favourites is a gardening workout – feels very productive and useful! Sunshine and Fresh air – some of the best medicines around. If you are prone to S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) find a good full spectrum lighting system recommended by a Practitioner.

4. sleep well. See above ideas for stress. Other supplements include Melatonin, Theanine, GABA etc.

5. laugh heaps

6. be consumed with creative pursuits that you love – reading, building, music, poetry, model making, contemplation, knitting, car shining, cooking, gardening etc; create a passion if you don’t have one yet!

7. Maintaining healthy linings of our mucous membranes like the nose, eyes, mouth and throat (entrance ways to pathogens) is vital to protect against viruses etc. All the nutrients listed above are important. Useful additions could include: inhalations with essential oils, spray with xylitol for nose, gargles with salt water/colloidal silver, herbal throat drops/lozenges or sprays. Talk to your Practitioner about options for you.

Most important is that for you the individual we can tailor lifestyle suggestions and coaching plus supplements/herbs to meet your complex needs. Safe and efficacious suggestions must take into account your way of living, your illness/wellness profile, your food preferences, your mood and personality, your medication/supplement regime.

You are what you absorb, not just what you eat!


Please contact me for Online or Phone consultations.

Supplements may be 1. sent to you by post or 2. be picked up from my Monbulk Clinic from the verandah arrangement or 3. delivered to your door (if in reasonable distance from Monbulk) by me or John in a sanitised fashion. Payment to be arranged by online or cash or cheque.

Clinic offerings to the general public without a consultation (I will ask a few questions first):

Organic Herbal Teas picked from our garden:

Lemon Verbena (calming and digestion enhancing),

Lemon Myrtle (immune support).

Packets for $8 each.


Throat lozenges, sprays, drops.

Vit C, D, Zinc, Magnesium supplements, Fish oils.

Other supplements possibly on request

Herbal Immune Tonic 100mls $20 includes Astragalus root,

Licorice Root, Fennel, Elderberry, Citrus

(fine for the general public except those with high blood pressure)



Hand Sanitiser (while stocks last) 100mls $20; 200mls $35 in a glass screw top bottle (sprayers out of stock atm) with 70% alcohol (95% ethanol) plus 10% colloidal silver for longer lasting antiviral effect, 5% hydrogen peroxide (3%) for enhanced antimicrobial activity and shelf life, glycerine for smoother feel and distilled water.

[email protected]

or text me 0407 318 956

STAY TUNED FOR PART 2: ‘Managing the Symptoms’ coming soon

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