Nutritional treatments for the ‘black dog’ of depression

Naturopaths have been using nutritional supplements and herbs to support patients with depression for centuries, so it was really interesting to hear that medical research is starting to catch up with us.

Last week  Melbourne and Queensland Universities announced that they have teamed up to study a super pill – with five natural supplements known to enhance people’s moods.   Read more about the announcement here.

Lead researcher Dr Jerome Sarris commented that even with modern medications, up  to two thirds of people may not get a useful response from anti-depressants.

Dr Sarris said “Well that’s what’s exciting about it … is that they [these nutrients] do target an array of neurobiological processes. So we’re looking at targeting several neurotransmitters as well as several brain pathways.” Some of the nutrients under test also have anti-inflammatory properties believed to be useful in relieving depression.

It will be interesting to see the research results – in the mean time, if your black dog is acting out, it may be useful to explore the nutritional and herbal supports available right now from your qualified naturopath.




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