How to get off the sugar roller coaster

We all know that we “should” eat less sugar – but that’s easier said than done.  Refined sugar is actually quite addictive – especially the sugars hidden in packaged and process foods.

Understand why you have the craving you have

Like anything else that we keep struggling with – it’s complicated.  (If it were simple, it would be done already).  There are many reasons our bodies can be screaming at us for a hit of sugar:

  1. We’re actually hungry or thirsty.
  2. We’re really looking for emotional comfort.
  3. We’re seeking a reward through food.
  4. We’re actually deficient in other foods such as good oils or proteins.
  5. Our adrenal system has been stressed (because we’re worried, because we’re sad, because we’re not sleeping well).
  6. We’re on the sugar roundabout – the more we have, the more we want.
  7. We have vitamin or mineral deficiencies that generate sugar cravings (B vitamins, magnesium and chromium deficiencies can generate sugar cravings).

Start your own investigations

Here are some simple dietary steps to try:

  1. Eat something healthy and juicy (like an apple)
  2. Have an avocado full of good fats or sprinkle some quality olive oil on your veggies
  3. Have a handful of almonds for protein
  4. Have a glass of water
  5. Include apple cider vinegar in salads or over your veggies (or even in a glass of water)

Some useful herbs include:

Get expert help for your long term wellbeing

If you’re still having cravings, see your practitioner to discuss other treatments, which may include:

  • Gymnema for blood sugar levelling
  • Specific vitamin and minerals selected for your needs
  • Eating plans to get you off the sugar cycle
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique) to defuse the underlying emotions

Damon Gameau’s work on the health problems and addictive nature of sugar are a must-read if you have cravings.  He made “That Sugar Film” and wrote “That Sugar Book” – both of which are full of valuable knowledge for the 21st century.

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