Partners in touch – connection and communication

I’ve been working in CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) for many years, and one powerful healing modality I use is massage.  I find that teaching massage is enormous fun as just a little know-how and technique delivers a whole new experience.

I’ve been running various Massage classes since 1992, and Massage for Couples (mostly at the CAE)  since 1998.  Now I’m running them closer to home in venues around the Dandenong Ranges.

I find that learning about massage as a couple is a great way to improve communication and re-connection – as well as being a celebration of togetherness.  The healing power of touch and concentrated time out together (no phones, no kids, no distractions) turns a “class” into an intimate reconnection.

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Connect, learn and communicate

Make a special time to reconnect and share through the power of touch.  Celebrate being with each other and renew and enrich your connection in largely non-verbal conversation.

Together you will learn a skill AND build a non-verbal “vocabulary” to communicate about what your body likes and dislikes. Loving touch can rekindle intimacy.

At the end of the class you will be able to give (and receive) a satisfying massage with confidence and energy.

Learn and re-learn touch

Uncover what you already know about touch – and learn more about techniques for creating relaxation and ease.

I use a structured process developed over years of teaching to share specific techniques that you can use.

Answer the question “What do I do next?

Massage is much more than stroking – it’s a craft and a learned practice with proven principles and processes that deliver real relaxation and connection.

A small amount of guided practice and a new understanding can enable you to have a whole new experience.

The techniques you will learn are drawn from many approaches including:

  • relaxation massage
  • therapeutic massage
  • trigger point therapy
  • acupressure
  • Swedish massage

How does the workshop work?

Each couple gets a height-adjustable massage table to use for the session, along with massage oils. You bring your favourite, softest towels and sheet and two pillows/cushions to create your own private space.

You wear as much or as little as you like – each couple creates their own space within the group. I help create an ambience to facilitate intimacy within your personal comfort zone.

You stay with your partner throughout – taking the time to learn more about each other and how to nourish and cherish each other.

I take a gentle (yet powerful) approach to teaching you, carefully crafting a supportive and nurturing environment while guiding you through specific techniques. This allows safe boundaries to be observed in a group setting. Usually I have 6 to 8 couples in a workshop, withing safe social distancing guidelines.

We spend a short time as a group discussing the process then the main time is spent with me demonstrating techniques which you as a couple will then practise. I will walk around and encourage you, answer individual questions or make suggestions for more effective/efficient application of the skills being taught.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special anniversary, a deep relationship, a birthday – or just to take some time out, have fun, this is a great way to spend a warm, comfortable afternoon.

(PS: I have all the required certificates: First Aid, WWCC, Police Check, and Indemnity Insurances for Teaching and Practice.)

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