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Caravanning with COVID

Yes – it happened to me. Despite our best efforts to self-protect, I got the bug. And on the last leg of our trip to Queensland while we were still in the caravan!

I reckon it was from the amenities block where people were coughing and I couldn’t jump out of the shower quickly enough : (

It was certainly isolation with a difference!

So now I know from experience that my naturopathic “COVID first aid kit” was pretty close to the mark. Here’s what it included:

Fever control with peppermint tea, lemon/honey/ginger tea and PEA, Curcuma and magnesium regularly at high doses for the headache and jaw and hip pains.

The nausea was helped with plenty of ginger we’d picked up on the way – uncrystallised Buderim Naked Ginger from the Yandina factory outlet no less!

Lots of rest, eating lightly (organic chicken stock powder) and 2 doses of paracetamol helped me to sleep a bit more.

As my digestion improved I got stuck into the Vit C, zinc and Quercetin (1000mg) as immune supports and to reduce the possibility of overwhelming inflammation.

I also made up a special COVID Recovery Tea that’s been really helpful, which has:

  • lemon myrtle and lemon balm (from our late Monbulk garden),
  • lemon tea tree (from a caravan park in Yamba NSW),
  • ginger root, turmeric root (from a friend’s farm in northern NSW),
  • common ‘weed’ plantain/ribwort for cough and phlegm (from the local caravan park) plus
  • macadamia honey (from another friend’s maca farm NSW).

Wow, what a treat – and a reminder of our journey (and it worked well too).


Then onto a house/pet sit on the Fraser Coast in Badtjala country – a time that has helped me to rest in a different way. Now we’re into the swing of things I can rest up a bit more as I’ve had a bit of a relapse with fatigue and sinus.

Fortunately my partner John seems to have been unscathed by COVID (for now) so he’s been a great support. Could be his genetics, who knows.

I’m aiming not to be part of the 10% of COVID sufferers who have Long COVID so I’m keeping to my regime of supplements and including additional herbs (like Withania for fatigue).

Then rest, sunshine, reduced anxiety will all help my immune progress. I am well aware that I have a tendency for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have experienced post viral fatigue numerous times. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m grounded and with reasonable Internet. So that means I’m available for online or phone consults if you need extra support for your individual concerns. Best to contact via email: [email protected]


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