Why come back to see me?

After a period of treatment, I often suggest people come and pick up remedies without a consultation as we know we are on the correct path and just require consolidation.

However best practice requires that I see you at least once every 6 –  12 months. This is because:

  • your life circumstances change and bring new challenges and stressors;
  • you may have changed medications, which means that I need to reassess interactions between these medicines and any supplements I have prescribed;
  • your health concerns may start reappearing subtly and we can head this off sooner than later;
  • I can help you with preventative health care strategies to reduce the burden of chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, cancers;
  • I can help motivate you with positive choices in foods/thinking;
  • I get a better sense of ongoing health and family patterns in the longer term which gives me extra insight;
  • I can inform you of recent developments in the area of naturopathic health care.

There’s another reason too – I get satisfaction in observing and participating in people’s lives over time and knowing that I’ve made a useful and sustained difference.


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