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Food and medicine Foraging: Warragul greens & Sage

Warragul Greens loves some sunshine and thrives on moisture. You can train it up and over fences too.
Next you can see Common Sage or Salvia officinalis. ‘Officinalis’ means this is the official species used in botanical/herbal medicine.
Commonly used in cooking, sage helps ensure digestive processes work well: especially to muster our bile flow to break down consumed fats/oils. You can use sage fresh or dried for later use.
In herbal medicine sage has a broad sphere of action: antimicrobial (including antiviral) taken as a tea and/or gargle/mouthwash; improving cognition and memory; reduces excess perspiration (sweating) in fevers or during menopause; reduces milk flow in weaning mothers. Commonly used in upper respiratory tract infections like sore throat and sinus issues.
For best effect and safety of any herbal medicine you must consult a Practitioner to guide you on the most appropriate dose and preparation FOR YOU . Generally sage in its basic leaf form for cooking or tea is considered a very low risk herb. Easy to grow from cuttings. Let me know if you’d like to give it a go to grow. I have plenty to share. This plant has travelled around our garden for about 25 years!

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