The Changeology of Good Health

I recently discovered the work of Sydney’s Les Robinson on Enabling Change and his book on the art and science of “Changeology“.

As I explored his website and resources, it occurred to me that it was as applicable to individual health improvement projects as to world-changing community and social change work. 

Here’s what the model looks like:
Changeology Model



How could you “changeology” a health project?

Let’s say that you’re increasingly concerned about the latest research linking alcohol and cancer, and you want to do something to improve your health in that area.

(What research? These articles from the UK’s New Daily   Weight drinking and breast cancer and   Breast cancer risk advice)

So your “project” could be to reduce your alcohol intake.

Align with Desires

Take a moment when it’s quiet, sit down and write about the values and desires that you will fill by drinking less.

Get past the “should” and work out what matters to you.  For instance:

  • Looking great in new clothes (because you’re not drinking all those empty carbs)
  • You’ll be healthier and around for your kids as they’re growing up

What would your list look like?

Lower Fear/Risk

In today’s society, it’s almost become “unAustralian” to not use alcohol.  So prepare ways to deal with well-meant offers.  It could be as simple as “I’m driving – and I’m tired” or as trendy as “I’m going low-carb this week”.  The point is to be ready, not fumbling for an answer.

If you find alcohol makes you “feel relaxed”, find some other ways to relax and have fun.

Build Support

Tell you partner/friend what you’re doing and the important reason you’re doing this for you.

Talk to your naturopath about how to prevent cravings with supplements and what dietary measures you could take.

Look for support networks online and find out what tips and techniques they can offer.

Simple First Steps

Plan what you’re going to say in different situations.

Think about upcoming events where you might be tempted.

Put a picture of a slimmer you on the inside of your cupboard door as a reminder.

Find something else nice to drink – some kombucha and mineral water, for example.

Plan something relaxing as a reward for when you do well, something that speaks to you.  It could be a spa or a walk in the park.  It could be a massage or a movie when you lose that first 2kg.


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