Jen-sunset caravan

Human needs – the view through the caravan door

We’re “on the wallaby” at the moment – travelling up the Australian east coast towing our temporary home (caravan) behind us.

The weather is less than ideal, and the process has given us a whole new perspective on fundamental human needs.

Some of you may have explored Maslow’s approach to human needs – that traditional western hierarchy of: PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS, SAFETY NEEDS, LOVE/BELONGING, ESTEEM, SELF-ACTUALISATION.

Personally, I connect better with Cross’ interpretation of Native American philosophy:

  1. To maintain our SAFETY, we need to get enough sleep.
    That means we can avoid the roo jumping in front of us, while anticipating the rogue truck driver traversing the double white line.
  2. To fill our physical need for sleep, we require SHELTER.
    Our caravan is brilliant – but there is still a fair bit of effort required: finding (or creating) even terrain; temperature and comfort of bedding.
  3. And then the rain!! We’ve lucked into the wettest NSW spring in generations – so is the repair to the caravan roof “fully fixed” – or are the drips quietly building??
  4. Even with a level, warm, dry (so far) bed, we need to have noise and light management – and that’s tricky on a weekend night in a busy caravan park where the regulars have a party happening!

We’re also facing a SECURITY challenge – because we’re not just “on holiday” – we’re on a journey to a new home in a new place – one that’s a long way from friends and family. (Perhaps that’s why we’re a touch more stressed than usual?)

Everything is intensified in our tiny, mobile world – so we have to practise well-being with deliberation and intent.

We’ve honed our perspectives – practising more patience and acceptance, then leaning on each other, staying in touch with old friends – and making some new “old friends”.

And it is – just as much as before – necessary to make time for basic self care – taking that walk, enjoying a shower, watching for birds and insects and plants. How are you caring for yourself daily?

PS: Here’s the view through my caravan door today:

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