Walk on the Wild Side of Monbulk (the magic of weeds)

Plants are amazing – they’ve been helping keep the human race healthy for millennia.  They were here before us and they’ll be here a long time after us.  It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

These days we often walk right past the benefits they offer on the way to the chemist shop.  Many beneficial plants we’ve come to label “weeds”  because they’re so robust.

But there’s a “pharmacy” on your door step – and I’d like to introduce you to it.   I’m running a series of  walks on the “wild side” with “Plant Whispers. A Wild Weed Walk  the next one is on Monday October 14th at 11am.

It’s a gentle morning walk around Monbulk village designed to safely introduce you to some of nature’s prolific helpers and their nutritional and medicinal properties.

If you’d like to walk on the wild side, let me know here:  Plant Whispers. Wild Weed Walk