Jen Stroh deserves all the praise and respect for me being so very well.

I first met Jen 25 years ago now. Jen has always listened to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions, she is able to explain everything I needed to know about my health concerns, treating me in a courteous, respectful and friendly manner.

I have the utmost respect for her Knowledge, expertise and abilities and have built a wonderful relationship with her over the years. The services she provides are incredible and client experience is outstanding.

I would recommend Jen Stroh to anyone requiring assistance with their health.

Lesley Lewis, 2021


It must be ages since I last saw you and although I’ve been keeping really well and haven’t needed your services, I would love to be able to consult with you via zoom if the need arises. I have always found you to be a very ethical and wise practitioner, so I would far prefer to use your services than try to find someone else as a replacement.

Ruth Romei, Healthy Being Yoga, 2022

Your assistance with our family’s health is invaluable

You have kept me from despair at times as we navigated issues I had no understanding of. And then, your ongoing support to return to health has been so appreciated. You will be a great loss to Victoria and our community, Monbulk’s especially and me.


You’ve been a source of inspiration and of valuable teaching – your weed walks in Monbulk stay in my memory as a beautiful ray of sunshine. Hopefully the seeds of your Calendula Officinalis will grow strong flowers so they’ll remind me of your care.

Nadie Butcher, Melbourne, 2022

Jen Stroh has been my Naturopath, and sometimes Massage Therapist, for some 30 years!

For many of those years I had a fabulous job that was often very full on. Jen’s professional support truly assisted me keep myself healthy, including being in touch with what my body was ‘saying’ – for almost 2 decades.

After moving a long way from the hills 7 years ago,Jen continues to support not just my health, but my understanding of my body! It’s so easy from a distance to have Zoom consultations with Jen.

Thank you for so much holistic health support Jen!

Maria Bohan, Geelong, July 2021


Jen has been my Naturopath for over 35 years. She is skilled in Naturopathic diagnostic assessment and is a gifted therapist. A wise and caring lady.

Gail Parmar, retired Psychologist, June 2021


A few years ago when I had a significant health-work challenge and could not see my way around it, Jen helped me to get things in perspective, identify the stress, and support my holistic health including my diet.

The best part of her care and attention was however, the way she approached me: not to order this or that, but to suggest and encourage, while not hiding her humanity and generosity of spirit.

These are the qualities that stick in my mind. Thank you Jen.

Adrian, Geelong, June 2021


I have known Jen Stroh as a fellow practitioner of natural medicine and as a friend for nearly three decades. We have enjoyed many discussions about different aspects of clinical practice throughout that time and I have always found her to be highly knowledgeable in the many areas of clinical concern that we share.

I have also been aware throughout that time of Jen’s commitment to deepening and extending her knowledge and understanding of the nature of both health and disease through ongoing study and professional development. I value both Jenie’s experience as a practitioner of natural medicine and her healing presence within the Dandenong Ranges community.

    Vincent Di Stefano N.D., D.O., M.H.Sc. Belgrave, Aug 2010.  Author: Holism and Complementary Medicine. History and Principles (Allen &            Unwin, 2006)  www.thehealingproject.net.au


I first went to see Jen Stroh nearly a quarter century ago, because I had an advanced case of RSI; my arm and shoulder so stiff and sore I could barely write. It took almost six months of weekly treatments to fully restore mobility and comfort, and the restoration has been permanent. I’m sure that is because, ever since, I have continued a weekly general massage program with Jen that is both restorative and preventative.

Regular massage is, for me, slightly oxymoronic: indulgent but essential. Delivered with doses of natural remedies (regularly taken) and dollops of good advice on improving my lifestyle (generally ignored), her care permits me, at 74, to enjoy my weekends doing strenuous physical work, and the time in between working long hours at the computer.  I consider her services one of my best investments, with a definite “buy” recommendation.

    Charles Nelson, Architect.  Aug 2010  www.buildingtech.com


I have been consulting with Jen regularly for about 15 years for general health and therapeutic massages.

Jen is a gentle sensitive person who I always look forward to visiting. Since moving from the Hills area 3 years ago, appointments may now be a couple of months apart, but they are greatly valued.

Jen’s open-mindedness is inspiring. She regards mainstream health professionals as specialists in their fields and gently insists on me consulting them from time to time.

As well as being a learned professional keeping up with the latest relevant research, Jen still listens carefully to me before responding. I feel she values my opinions and takes them into account in making her own evaluations and suggestions.

The support she provides helps me take care of myself in most aspects of my body and mind. In my 69th year, I’ve lived at least two thirds of my life if not more, so to be well, happy, mobile and alert is important to me.

Jen is my main health advisor and supporter because I trust her integrity – and her massages are wonderful.

     Sue Packham, Woolamai, Aug 2010


I married into a family with more than its fair share of doctors; who have been of great assistance with raising our children. But when our second child was born no one (not even the pediatric specialist we saw) could solve our beautiful baby boy’s severe constipation problem. For the first 6 months of his life he would be constipated for up to 3 weeks at a time and in excruciating pain until the dam finally burst. As parents we were extremely distressed that we could not help our little baby’s suffering and dutifully did everything our Doctors suggested but nothing worked to everyone’s frustration.

I had never consulted a Naturopath before and was skeptical to say the least, but we were running out of options and had heard good reports about Jen.

What impressed me most was that she listened with great care, and asked questions about my well being as well as the baby’s.  Jen prescribed a homeopathic remedy in this instance and we could not believe that our boys discomfort appeared to go immediately and within a few days his bowel motions were a regular 24 hour cycle without pain.

This was the beginning of a relationship which has now spanned 13 years in which our children have grown to expect that Jen will have a solution to our ails; and she has.

Fortunately the Doctors’ clinic we attend is professional enough to see that there is a benefit in us consulting both with them and Jen. They are happy to supply me with extra copies of any tests we may need to pass on to Jen and are always interested in her interpretation and dispensing of remedies.

There are numerous success stories I could relate from the 13 years of our family being in Jen’s care but of course the most recent situation is one of the best examples.  I have recently broken my humerus bone in two places and was told by an orthopedic surgeon that the breaks are particularly bad.

Initially I was staring down the barrel of very risky surgery which could result in permanent nerve damage and the surgeon was concerned that with complications I may not survive the anaesthetic.

Of course I’ve been doing everything the surgeon recommended but also Jen was able to draw up a therapy plan including homoeopathics, a specific herbal mixture made up especially for my needs, vitamins, minerals and for immediate pain and inflammation relief the use of ENAR therapy.

The surgeon was amazed at the huge reduction of inflammation in the first few weeks. And eight weeks down the track I was told that an operation was no longer necessary. I believe that the additional therapies that Jen has prescribed are the reason for my miraculous and continued recovery.

Renay Salter, Monbulk, Aug 2010 and continues 2021


I came to live in the hills some 20 years ago and was keen to find a holistic health practitioner who would keep me learning about my own health and advise me at particular times.

Originally I visited Jenie to prepare for a healthy menopause – I sailed through menopause without even noticing it.I am fortunate to have a job that I love, that is stimulating and challenging but a job that at times is large, involves diverse people and can be stressful. Over many years Jenie has listened to me describe my sense of sometimes being overwhelmed and anxious about the impacts on my physical and emotional well-being.

She is an amazing listener, very intuitive and often her questions make me think beyond the consultation session. I have regular check-ins with Jenie: naturopathy consultations and occasional massages.I am always impressed that Jenie continues to learn and develop her own understandings – she’s wise, informed and I trust her judgementsI love Jenie’s overall approach to wellness, to the environment and to life.  Over the years, without hesitation, I have recommended Jenie to family and friends.

Having just turned 60, Jenie is an important part of my plan to be well for the future.

Maria Bohan, Kallista, Aug 2010


I’ve known Jen Stroh for 19 years and she has been my Naturopath and main health care professional for almost ten years.

Jen has helped me through some difficult health issues and is currently treating me for gastritis, which is a stomach inflammation that effects digestion. It is not a common illness and natural medicine once again holds many of the answers and solutions that western medicine cannot address.

Jen offers so much more than her vast knowledge of healing when treating me. The compassion and support she gives me is boundless and her availability in times of need goes well beyond the call of duty.

Because Jen’s treatment approach is holistic all my health concerns are being addressed. Among other things Jen is guiding me through peri menopause and has removed the fear and stigma attached to this period of my life.

I appreciate beyond measure the flexibility Jen brings to her healing. She genuinely listens to my concerns and will adapt her treatment to suit my needs and wants.

My world is truly a better place for having Jen Stroh in it. When I count the blessings in my life, knowing Jen is one of them.

    Carolyn O’Mullane, The Patch, Aug 2010 and continues 2021


I work close by to Jen in the City and first approached her a few years ago now for some R49 drops (homoeopathic). You see, over 6 years ago now I had chronic sinusitis. I had constant infections and was taking lots of antibiotics. I had two operations to try and solve the problem as I was in constant pain. To cut a long story short, I had one operation which was well and good for 18 months and then my problem arose again. I had a second operation which only solved the problem for less than 12 months. I didn’t want to keep having operations, especially when the life span of the fix was becoming shorter and shorter lived.

So I went down the trail of seeking the advice of a Naturopath for some alternative treatment. I never had been to one before. At first I went to a lady near where I live. Later I found Jen next door in the building where I work. The rest is history.

Jen has been supplying me with the drops ever since and thanks to Jen and the drops, I am cured.  I only take the drops whenever I catch a cold as this is when I get the symptoms. However very quickly the symptoms disappear. If I had known about these wonderful drops beforehand, I would never have had the 2 operations that I had. So I am very happy to pass on this information to anyone out there who suffers from sinusitis. Thankyou Jen.

     Julie Fong, Melbourne, Nov 2010


Jen has been looking after me in the areas of natural remedies and massage for the last 16 years. I have been impressed by her diligence in checking that everything she provides is compatible with the large amount of pharmaceutical medications it is necessary for me to take.

I am grateful for Jen’s quiet caring helping me during bouts of depression over my physical limitations, and her continuing interest which shows in the way she will phone with information she feels may be pertinent.

Jen’s professional help has gone a long way towards my achieving a better quality of living which I truly appeciate.

     Paddi Herlihy, Bayswater, Nov 2010


Letter to local GP:

Dear John,

When I saw you a couple of weeks ago you told me my cholesterol had come down from 7.5 to 6.9. I couldn’t think why – nothing had changed – no weight loss, no change of diet, no new exercise!! I was mystified.

Then I remembered I had seen Jen Stroh (Naturopath), who had given me some stuff (St Mary’s Thistle and a powdered herbal supplement). This was the only possible answer.

I thought I would mention it as it might be of help to other patients.

     Lyn Wright ex midwife, Monbulk, August 2010


 2018 Having spent a couple of days splitting logs and stacking firewood I was feeling very uncomfortable with quite a lot of lower back pain. I made an appointment with Jen for a massage and am very satisfied with the result – I’ve been out to dinner tonight with my family and was virtually pain free. I would happily recommend her to anyone in a similar situation.

    Alex Hunter