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Moisturiser: made here with NO petrochemicals and with essential oils of lavender, geranium and bergamot with a dash of Calendula oil.


Foot Creams: (Toe-riffic !) also made with NO petrochemicals and with oils of peppermint, lemon tea tree, sage & lemon: refreshing,  anti-tinea. 

Calendula cream enhances healing of open wounds, grazes, itching skin, sunspots, liver spots etc. This is made from the beautiful marigold petals, Calendula officinalis, reknowned for it’s gentle but powerful healing potential. Safe for use in babies and children right through the generations. Easy to grow at home; ask me for seeds.

Arnica cream reduces inflammation, pain and bruising. Made from the alpine flower revered by skiers for apres ski survival!

Stainless steel Water bottles: avoid chemical contamination of your precious water from unstable plastic bottles. Water Filter (Mineral Pot ACE-Super): high quality, unique in removing flouride and adding 40 plus minerals to the water.

Non fluoridated toothpastes.

Ceramic neti pots for saline sinus irrigation. Olbas Inhaler essential oils easily sniffed for sinus congestion.

Sugar substitutes like xylitol, stevia.

Herbal throat lozenges and sprays – nose and throat are the first lines of defence against inhaled bugs.

Concentrated veggie products like Beetroot powder (great liver support) and Barley grass powder (high in minerals and chlorophyll for detoxifying/blood cleansing).

Organic herbal teas like Roasted dandelion root (liver support), Spearmint plus Organic spices like Turmeric (antiinflammatory, liver detox), Ginger (digestive support, antiinflammatory).